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10 Years 2Late Released

2Late's latest album is now available. See our CD page for more information.

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Come to a 2Late performance to see the latest thing: a 2Late Memory Stick that comes with our albums. Owners get the opportunity to pick up bonus tracks from time to time that are not available on our CDs.

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2Late Music Just Gets Better with Age! Vicki and Mike
"10 Years 2Late is their best album yet."


2Late is Vicki Gayle and Mike Short, singer/songwriters who flavor their songs with a twist of country and a touch of traditional roots music. They feature acoustic guitars, and their fans love their tight harmony and hot licks. Influences include Miranda Lambert, Richard Thompson, Maura O’Connell, Cheryl Wheeler, Little Big Town, Sugarland and other contemporary Folk and Country artists. They recently released their fourth album 10 Years 2Late. The title refers to their ten years together making music. Vicki brings 2Late her Country music influences, while Mike comes from a more traditional Folk and Bluegrass background. By combining these sounds, they write and perform music more roots-oriented than mainstream Pop Country, and a whole lot more Country than Folk music.

The Band ...

"Vicki & Mike beautifully harmonize a wonderful variety of tunes accompanied by their crisp and soulful guitar playing. They put on a great show and have a loyal following."

-Ken Young, Emack and Bolio's
366 Delaware Ave., Albany NY 12209 (518) 512-5100

Vicki & Mike joined their voices and talents to form 2Late in January 2004. Influenced by Maura O’Connell, Cheryl Wheeler, Richard Thompson, Little Big Town, and other adult contemporary folk and country artists, they have developed a unique musical style featuring complex vocal harmonies and strong acoustic guitar work. While they often play covers at licensed venues, they have filled evenings with the sounds of their own original songs, from the award-winning "Desperation ( One Last Chance)" and the soulful "Wishing" to the often-requested "Duct Tape My Heart" and the plaint against the grind of air travel "(I Did Not) Kill the Kid." They have played a plethora of venues, from ice cream shops to tea houses to the Linda Norris Auditorium, and have been heard on local radio on WAMC, WEXT and WNYQ.

Who's Who ....

"2Late [is] a duo that's secular in presentation but Christian in ideals. Their music sneaks up on you the way Lou Reed used to. The lyrics seem simple, almost naïve, until you think about them or reach an O'Henry surprise ending."

-Don Wilcock, Troy Record
Vicki Gayle (lead vocals and rhythm guitar ... she's the one with the hair)
was born in Jacksonville, Florida and first played in front of an audience at age seven. She has a simple philosophy about music: it has to be good, and it has to be fun, and this comes across loud and clear in 2Late's performances. Like many local musicians, she has a "day job"...she is a paralegal for an environmental law firm in Albany. Vicki lives in Guilderland with husband Rik, daughter Emily, Toby the Corgi, Milan the black cat, and Gizmo the pest (or kitten, if you prefer).

Mike Short (rhythm vocals and lead guitar/songwriter)
Mike Short is just his stage name ... his real name is Michael Short. Mike was born in Madison, Wisconsin, hence his Southern (Wisconsin) accent. He honed his harmony and lead skills singing folk music and bluegrass with his family and playing service music at church; his amazing guitar solos and harmonies are a 2Late trademark. Guitar isn't the only instrument he plays well ... there's piano, bass, mandolin, dobro and a host of others. Pianos are really heavy, but you might get a chance to hear some of the other instruments at a 2Late concert or on one of our recordings. By day, Mike, having retired from the Department of Civil Service, writes songs, as well as building web sites for musicians and other friends. He is a soccer referee and referee instructor, and maintains a small recording studio. He teaches when he has students. Mike lives in Guilderland with his wife, Monica, and way too many cats (two). He has two grown sons both living too far away, a grandson Leo living way too far away, and four grandcats.

2Late's standard fare is family-friendly, adult contemporary folk and alt-country music with some very silly songs mixed in. The group also performs contemporary Christian music at a wide range of venues in New York's Capital District. Our Performance Page gives you access to several samples.


"Blossoming talent ... excellent homegrown acoustic and folk music"

-Greg Haymes, Nippertown.com

Will you like 2Late?

"It's been an absolute pleasure to watch the success 2Late has had within the Capital Region music scene within a short period of time. We enjoy having Vicki and Mike play at Perfect Blend and know they have a lot of fun up on stage, especially when their fans are egging them on."

-Roberta Bastow; Former Owner
Perfect Blend Espresso Bar and Cafe
376 Delaware Ave.
Delmar, NY 12054

You will like 2Late if you like:

  • Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, Sugarland
  • Nancy Griffith, Cheryl Wheeler, Richard Thompson

You may not go for us if you like:

  • Rap
  • Songs that never seem to end (we do only a few)
  • Really loud music

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