2Late Tuesday for March 8, 2016

Where We Are

Friday, March 11th, 2016: A Natural Way, Guilderland. This week. We know that A Natural Way will not have green beer. First, it’s not actually St. Paddy’s Day; it’s just close.  And second, they don’t actually, you know, have beer. But there will probably several other wonderful edibles of the day, and music to match. Will Mike bring his mandolin and play a bunch of fiddle tunes?  Will the rest of the gang trot out Irish drinking songs, or songs of the rebellion?  Only one way to find out. Mix the music from the regulars, the occasional newbie, and 2Late with the wonderful food at the cafe, and you have a great way to start your weekend.  That’s where we’ll be.  See you there! Sign up at 5:15.  We’ll get you in if you’re there by 6:45.  5:30-7:30 PM.

Saturday, April 9th, 2016: Cafe NOLA.  Our first performance in a while will be at our favorite restaurant, with our favorite food, especially if we’re in the mood for the finest Cajun food in the Capital District. We’ll be trotting out all our songs that reference Louisiana, both of them, and a bunch of other great stuff, too, some of which we don’t even know yet!  Come. Indulge.  Enjoy. 6:30-9 PM.

Friday, April 15th, 2016: Emack and Bolio’s.  Easter will have come and gone (it gets here early this year). Our forecast of temperatures in the 60s didn’t work out in February, but with it reaching almost 70 this week, maybe it will in April.  7-10 PM.

Did You Know

Our website gives links to all our venues.  Visit the Calendar page.

What We’re Up To

We are now officially working on our fifth album.  It’s called Never 2Late, and will feature our Christian fare.

The Great Danes chance to return to the NCAAs blew up early. Wisconsin hired their interim coach as their permanent head coach.  He’s been awesome, and the team, left for dead in January, is almost certainly dancing, after four or five wins against Top 25 teams, including a couple at their place.

On the women’s basketball side, Albany looks terrific, and Wisconsin’s season is already over.

What We Like

Jason Isbell talks about what it’s like to work hard all your life:  Something More Than Free.

Bruce Springsteen sings about how things can go wrong, and we deal with them, or try to,  in The River.  Well, Bruce and 15,000 of his closest friends.

What You Can Do

You can look for our recordings on our web site.

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